Convex Mirrors

Bespoke Convex MirrorsConvex mirrors are a versatile decorative element that give instant polish to a room with little effort. They can do wonders—from illuminating dark corners to adding elegance and drama to an area, to creating the illusion of space. So, if you’re looking for any – or all – of the above qualities from your mirror, look no further than a decorative convex mirror.

The convex mirror has a long and varied history. It has been documented in many works of art, most famously Jan Van Eyck’s 1434 portrait The Arnolfini Marriage. And rather impressively, the convex mirror has popularly adorned the walls of residences in Europe and America since the 18th century!

Owing to the fact that convex mirrors provide a wider field of vision than flat mirrors they were historically a favourite of butlers. Often positioned above the dining room sideboard, the convex mirror would enable the butler to keep a discrete eye on the dinner guests whilst keeping his back turned.