Our Finishes

Omelo offers the following range of finishes as well as a bespoke service for customers’ specifications.

Waxed Black

This is a true black with a lustrous waxed finish.

Waxed Black – Gold Bead

Waxed Black Gold Bead

Off White

Off White

This is a neutral, cool white with a chalky, matt finish.

Palest Grey

This is a soft, neutral grey reminiscent of a Georgian grey; with a chalky, matt finish.


This is a warm colour with a grey-green hue and a chalky, matt finish.


A rich metallic bronze painted finish.


A painted metallic grey which simulates a lustrous pewter finish.


A warm metallic copper painted finish.

Silver Leaf

Genuine silver leaf laid over black gesso

Gold Leaf

This is a warm antique gold finish.  22ct gold leaf is laid over red bole and gently distressed to reveal glimpses  of the colour underneath.


This is a high voltage neon yellow.

Pale Lime

This is a yellow-green ‘chartreuse’ colour.


This is a vibrant, bright pink.


This is a warm blue with a hint of green.